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The game is in beta, so expect issues. If you find any bugs, you can repot them on my discord server.

Welcome to Area-42, one of the many SCP facilities around the world, containing highly dangerous SCP subjects. Area-42 is a Containment and Research facility, located in ██████, ██████, containing a Research and Containment Sector.

In this multiplayer horror game, you have many objectives based or your team. As a Class-D, you must follow orders and be used as a test subject while Scientists and Guards monitor the test and make sure nothing goes wrong.  (You can also escape the facility as a Class-D) However, Chaos Insurgent Agent, your goal is to set free all SCP subjects and cause chaos throughout the facility. Finally, as an MTF (Mobile Task Force), you must re-contain the escaped SCPs and evacuate all Scientists and Guards

List of SCPs:

  • SCP-002 (Recently added)
  • SCP-008
  • SCP-018
  • SCP-049
  • SCP-096
  • SCP-106
  • SCP-249
  • SCP-457
  • SCP-513
  • SCP-575
  • SCP-895
  • SCP-914

Game discord link: https://discord.gg/3aYEwPyj5X

Public server IP: (currently down due to issues)

Based off of SCP: Containment Breach

Other Information

Tutorial on how to host a server: 

Config file path (Contains configs, banned player list, admin password, and map presets):

Windows and Linux: [Game folder]\Area-42 Data\StreamingAssets

Mac: [.App folder]\Contents\Resources\Data\StreamingAssets

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withBlender, LMMS, Unity, Audacity, Substance Painter & designer, GIMP
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Horror, Multiplayer, Sci-fi, scp, scp-foundation
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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Area-42 Windows (Client and Server) 608 MB
Version 0.9.0
Area-42 Mac (Client and Server) 654 MB
Version 0.9.0
Area-42 Linux (Client and Server) 705 MB
Version 0.9.0

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I'm excited to play the game, but i put in the public ip <-- This one but i keep getting disconnected. It would be fun if there were more players in the game :(

can you add a singgle player in witch yo can go into "creative mode"

can you add 1 player mode cuz in online none online;/

Why is the server list empty, i cant join any server?

The server list only shows servers you have joined in the past. If you would like, I could add the public server on the server list by default.

Yes please, also, i did the join server thing, i always try to join but it disconnects me, what is the reason of that

It might depend on what server you're trying to join, but usually it's either because the server is down or the IP address is incorrect. 

well i searched up what was my IP, got it, and well placed it, it simply wouldnt let me in, if i did all i would hear is a second of scp music then get disconnected

If you're joining your own server on your own PC, then try typing in "localhost" into the IP address field. Otherwise, if it's on the same network as you but a different computer, then you'll need to find it's private IP and connect using that instead. 

tried playing but cant turn or look aroun


I encountered the same problem, however I discovered that the game resets the mouse sensitivity to 0 upon every launch. Just go into settings and adjust sensitivity. That should fix it!

I'm not entirely sure what causes it to be reset every time the game launches, but I can make it reset to 1 instead of 0 until I find the actual cause.

How do i do mac OS can U send video its in 0.7.2

how can  go fullscreen?the window is a square and it wont let me resize or f11 it


server thing for macos?

Currently there is no support for hosting a server for mac at the time, but once version 0.7.0 is released it will include a mac server build (Which will be soon).

I keep being disconnected from server

i couldnt move when i was in game

i wish more people played the game coz its super good and fun :{

how do i even start a server

When you download the game, it comes with the client and server. (Beside mac, which might change in the future). You can follow the tutorial in the description of the game on how to host a server.

Not too sure how to access admin controls. I found the password in the files, but it doesn't accept it/ says it's the wrong password. Am I doing something wrong?

The game will randomly generate a password if the text in the password file is set to "Password". You would have to re-open the file and enter the new password if that was the case. If that isn't the case, then keep in mind that the password is case-sensitive.

So Everytime I load the game it's a new password? I've found two different locations for a password. One file leads to a generated password that has remained the same since I've been trying. The other file with a similar directory is just "password."

The game only makes a new password once, just as long as the current password isn't set to "Password", so make sure you don't set your password to that.  There should also only be one password file named ConsolePassword.txt, and is found in the directory Area-42_Server_Data/StreamingAssets/Admin

Why when I open the cell of an SCP, it does not escape. And also when shot through an open door, the bullet impact explodes on an invisible wall as if the door were closed.

The SCP didn't escape because of how their AI works. At random intervals, the SCP will wander to a random location within a certain radius to it on the nav mesh. It's only going to escape if it detects a player near by that is not a chaos insurgency or it picks a location outside of the containment chamber.  I know it's unrealistic, which is why I'm going to upgrade the SCP AI in future updates.  

The doors having invisible walls was a bug I thought I fixed a long time ago where both door panels would open client side but only one would open server side. It's going to be fixed in version 0.6.1, so thanks for finding it.


Wtf is this??? I just want to play singleplayer horror game. Also I typed my own IP adress but it still disconnected.


You have to run a server first before you connect to your own IP address.

How do we get out of the settings i loaded up the game it said grahpics and the basic settings i am done setting them up how do i start game?

There's no way to get rid of this unfortunately. You'll need to either download an older version, or wait until version 0.5.0 comes out.

Oh alright

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whats the admin pass? do i need to get it to play it on mac?

If you're talking about the in-game console, then the admin password can be found in [Game folder]\Area-42 Data\StreamingAssets\Admin for windows and linux and  [.App folder]\Contents\Resources\Data\StreamingAssets\Admin for mac. This is not required to play the game, however if you are moderating a server (or you just want to mess around) then it can be useful.

Might we play this one in singleplayer mode?


You can create a game and play by yourself, but the game is meant to be multiplayer and  I don't plan on making this singleplayer unfortunately.

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Thanks. :) Yes I create a game into your game, I realize the guards or insurgence we (playing single mode) may go far in progress the game. Thanks to reply. At soon as possible I intend to do a video and share here. Nice game I liked to play with guards or insurgence. Class-D I cannot even take a lift. But scientist and janitor I can go further than class-D. Insurgence and guard I progressed much more.  :D

very interesting and promising

hey i was just wondering if for the console it could both be styled like in scp containment breach and if you could put in commands if thats possible at all?

You are able to enter commands in the console if you have the admin password. The password is located in [Game folder]\Area-42 Data\StreamingAssets\Admin\ConsolePassword.txt (for Windows and Linux), or [.App file]\Contents\Resources\Data\StreamingAssets\Admin\ConsolePassword.txt (for Mac). You can type help for a list of commands. I don't want to change the style to containment breaches since I want to move away from using containment breach's assets and start making my own, however some things like auto-fill and a command list might be added in the future.

how do I type in the console?


si no aparece el 173 no es un juego de scp

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What is the difference between server and beta 


The server is what you use to run a server for people to connect to, while the beta (aka client) is what you use to play the game and join servers. (Make sure you download the file that matches your operating system)

i wanna say to you : NOICE GAME

how to play


As a Class-D, you must follow orders and be used as a test subject while Scientists and Guards monitor the test and make sure nothing goes wrong.  (You can also escape the facility as a Class-D) However, Chaos Insurgent Agent, your goal is to set free all SCP subjects and cause chaos throughout the facility. Finally, as an MTF (Mobile Task Force), you must re-contain the escaped SCPs and evacuate all Scientists and Guards


how do i find the ip address


in the game description, it is

public ip adress is in the description like tetris kid says to you but if you want to make your own server  download the other download are-42 [your os] server.zip

ok so great game and there are a few bugs so when I join the public server scp-106 I think its his but like 5 of them spawn out of nowhere and will start hitting the air trying to get you and that happens when you are spectator and when you join the public sever you are stuck as spectator

I'm not sure why multiple instances of SCP-106 spawn, I specifically prevent the game from doing that, so they might have been spawned in some other way (Like through the server console). I'm working on fixing the hitting the air bug (If you mean he's moving back and forth really fast at your location when you died). I'm also working on adding the ability to be spawned in when you first join the server, but for now you will have to wait 2 to 3 minutes to respawn (Tell me if you have any suggestions to make being a spectator more fun while you wait 2-3 minutes).

The mouse sensitivity on mac is really low, I checked setting and I couldn't find ow to change it. Is this normal or a glitch?

It is most likely a bug. Not sure what's causing this however, but I'll make the sensitivity a setting in the upcoming update.

Cool game, but theres no-one playing? I can't join the public server, just shows black screen for me

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If it comes up with a black screen then that means that the server is offline. I'm working on adding a disconnect message and a host not found message, but until then if you see a black screen then it means you are unable to connect to the server. 

The server should be online right now, it's just that the Linux virtual machine hosting the server keeps losing connection.


The game is pretty glitchy, i spawned as an Chaos Agent once and i could'nt open doors/elevators or gates. So i had to start a new game, if you spawn as a janitor or other class its fine but you can also spawn as an spectator in singleplayer and that makes you so you dont respawn and just stand there endlessly. I hope you repair it. TYVM

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I am aware of the bug that causes you to spawn in as a spectator and I'm working on it, but I haven't found what causes it yet. I'm not sure why you weren't able to open doors or elevators, I haven't ran into that bug while testing the game, so it could be because of the connection to the server since the virtual machine hosting the server kept timing out when trying to connect to it today.

Edit: The bug has been fixed in version 0.1.1 (Issue: the player was not being teleported on the server in time, which means if an SCP was not moving from the location that it killed you then you have a chance of getting killed right after you spawn in)

I have also found an issue, when you disconnect from any server, theres no text on any buttons. Also, when i try to join the public server, theres just black with the UI.

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I love this game it's like SCP secret lab but the SCPs are NPC great job keep up the good work! oh and SCP-106 does not kill you or do anything he just walks into you and define gravity 

Thanks for the feedback. SCP SL was one of the inspirations for this game, along with the older versions of SCP Containment Breach. The SCP-106 bug should be fixed in the new beta releases, along with more features and a public server.