A downloadable game for Windows

This game is currently only available on windows. I might release a couple more launchers for the game until i decide to move to steam.

Based off of the minecraft tornado mod, this game combines the idea of mini games and tornadoes and storms all into one. 

It includes block-based building mechanics, tornado physics, tornado particles, configurations, and much more.

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip

2. Extract the .zip

3. run the .exe provided.

4. Enjoy playing 


Tornado Games Singleplayer Launcher.zip 1 MB

Development log


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it is not safe

is your game a virus google is saying its a virus


It's most likely because the game has a launcher and downloads the actual game files from a dropbox link. However, I have stopped working on this game and slowly working on an entire remake of it so it was a useless feature to add in the first place. If you are still having problems, I can upload the game files itself rather than the launcher files for you to download.

ok but is it safe to download



im looking around fast but with mouse slow move can u fix it?

Sorry if im a little late to respond. Im working on another game at the moment, but I have found out the solution to the issue. I hope to release another update on this game solving this issue sometime around the end of the week and maybe some other features, but I really dont have that many plans for the game as of right now.

i mean sensivity is fast